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Reflective Silver 20 Window Film


A one way window film and solar control film, reducing solar heat, glare and UV, silver reflective film is in stock ready for delivery or we can fit it for you

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Silver reflective film provides solar control, reflecting the sun's heat, glare and ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is aone way window film that allows vision out of the property whilst giving a mirrored appearance when trying to look in (when installed under the correct conditions, please telephone 0845 363 2021 if you need further information).

PLEASE NOTE - This film can only be fitted to flat glass, it is not suitable for textured or raised glass.
Suitable for homes, conservatories, offices, factories, schools and colleges.  In fact, any residential or commercial property. This silver reflective film is supplied with full-fitting instructions so you can install it yourself bubble free. It's self-adhesive so there's no chance of creating a mess.   Don't worry, if you don't want to install the film yourself, we offer a nationwide installation service. Call us today at; 0800 107 7965 to get a quote for installation. We install one way window film for residential and commercial customers throughout the UK who all benefit from a ten-year warranty.

Solar Control Reflective Film...

This silver reflective film reflects up to 80% of total solar energy and up to 83% of glare making your home or office cooler in the summer and reducing the shine on computer screens and TV's. The film also rejects up to 99% of harmful UV rays so it doesn't fade or bleach, offering excellent protection for your carpets, artwork and furnishings.

One Way Window Film...

If installed under the correct lighting conditions this film acts as a one way window film. It needs a 3:1 light ratio or better to create the true one way privacy, (this means it needs to be three times brighter in the area you want to see into than it is in the area you don't want people to see into). It tints the glass when looking out so it lowers the lighting conditions; a bit like wearing sunglasses. The appearance is similar to a silver mirror from the outside so you'll just see your own reflection. However, because it needs a 3:1 light ratio it doesn't usually work well on internal partitioning or at night time.  

Buy Silver 20 one way window film today.  If you order by midnight and choose express delivery, you will receive it the next working day.  Call us at; 0800 107 7965 to get a quote for us to install the silver reflective film for you.

The Benefits of Reflective Silver 20;

  • Reduces the suns heat, glare and UV rays.
  • Protects against fading and bleaching caused by the sun
  • Provides one way vision privacy
  • Self-adhesive so no messy glue is required
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty (when installed by us)
  • Has a scratch resistant coating to protect it from everyday wear and tear
  • Reduces the natural light by around 50%
  • Doesn’t usually work at night or on internal partitioning
Technical Specification

Total Solar Energy Rejected
Glare Reduction
UV Reduction
Visible Light Transmission 18%
Noticeable drop in natural light (approx) 50%

All values as applied to 3mm glass.

Glass Compatibility

Clear Single Pane
Tinted Single Pane
Clear Double Pane
Tinted Double Pane
Low-E Clear Double Pane
Clear Laminated Single Pane
Clear Double Laminated Pane

*Use this chart in conjunction with our glass compatibility guidelines.


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Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

Reflective Silver 20 Window Film

A one way window film and solar control film, reducing solar heat, glare and UV, silver reflective film is in stock ready for delivery or we can fit it for you

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