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  • Conservatory Window Film

    Conservatories are a nice addition to any home but they get very hot and become unusable for a large part of the year.  Our range ofconservatory window films are designed to be applied to both glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs.  The films are also suitable for installation onto the side windows, especially our optically clear solar control film "Coolclear" which is ideal for this glazing as it doesn't reduce the light or the vision.  Conservatory filmwill reduce the suns heat, glare and UV rays making it cooler, more comfortable and protecting expensive flooring and furniture from bleaching / fading caused by the sun.

  • Anti-Glare Window Film

    Anti Glare Window Film is like putting sunglasses on your windows.  The film tints the glass and helps to take the dazzling glare by as much as 84%, a must if you're working on computers for any length of time or if you have a windows overlooking your TV at home and need the curtains drawn to see anything.  The films are available in a variety of shades and colours to suit any need and some of the films also have the added benefit of reducing the solar heat and ultra violet rays too.

  • Reflective Window Film

    Reflective window film has two main benefits, it offers solar control and privacy.  Reflective films provide the best solar rejection properties, they reflect large amounts of the suns heat and glare as well as 99% of harmful ultra violet rays.  This means it will make the room cooler, more comfortable (especially if you use computers or watch TV's in the room) and it helps to reduce bleaching and fading of carpets, paintings and other furnishings.  The film also provides daytime privacy by giving a one way vision appearance, allowing you to see out but giving mirrored privacy from the outside.  The film only provides privacy under the correct lighting conditions.

  • Anti-Heat Window Film

    Anti Heat Window Films will reflect the suns heat away from the property.  The film is available in a variety of shades.  We have four films in the range, the reflective silver reflects the most heat whilst Coolclear stops a large amount of heat whilst being nearly optically clear.  Anti heat window films reflect and absorb heat making your home or office much cooler in the summer months.  Some of these films will also help with problems with glare and ultra violet rays.

  • Non-Reflective...

    Architectural Window Film has a non reflective, low sheen, finish.  It provides solar control reducing the heat, glare and UV but unlike the reflective films which give a mirrored appearance this only tints the glass.  It's classed as a non reflective window film although it doesn't have a matte finish, the fact that it's non reflective refers to it being low sheen which means it doesn't provide a mirrored appearance from outside. 

  • UV & Anti-Fade Window...

    We have a quality range of UV window film for UV and fade protection.  Our UV films block in excess of 99% of the suns harmful UV (ultra violet) rays.  These rays are the main contributor of bleach (or fade) damage caused to flooring, carpets, curtains and furniture.  These rays are also very harmful to the skin causing severe skin conditions such as skin cancer.  We also have some tinted window films which are better at fade reduction as they reduce solar heat and glare which are other contributing factors towards fading. 

  • Energy Saving Window Film

    Energy saving window film will help to reduce summer air conditioning bills and winter heating bills.  There's two types of energy saving films, a heat reflective coating helps to reduce the suns heat by up to 80% meaning a lower usage of air conditioning bills in the summer months.  This can also be combined with a low-e coating, alow-e window film not only reflects the suns heat from the property but the low-e coating reduces the amount of heat that leaves the premises by as much as 33%.  This means lower summer air conditioning bills and winter heating bills.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items