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100 Micron Clear Safety


Safety Window Film is a thicker than normal film that, when applied to glass, makes it shatterproof by holding shards of glass together if broken. In stock for delivery or professional fit.

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Glass Safety Film brings glass to the same standard as safety glass at a great price making your home secure for your family or your place of work comply with Health & Safety Regulations. 

PLEASE NOTE - This film can only be fitted to flat glass, it is not suitable for textured or raised glass.

Safety window film protects your glass against shattering makes the glazing more secure and even reduces fading caused by the sun!

Safety Window Film is 100 micron thick helping it to hold harmful shards of glass in place when under impact stopping somebody from falling through it or a ball or other object, causing glass shards to fly through the air. These shards of glass have been known to cause serious injury and even death. You can have total piece of mind that the film works when you need it as it has had vigorous testing to British (BS6206 B) and European (BSEN12600 Class 2) standards. Your commercial building (or home if it's open to the public, such a s a child minding business) can comply with Health and Safety in the Workplace Regulation 14 with minimal disruption. You can fit it to windows glass cabinets tables or any other flat glass surfaces. It also makes your glass more difficult to break through by burglars. Buy Glass Safety Film today or call us on 0845 363 2021 for a quote if you want us to install it.

Glass Safety Film is self adhesive so you won't need any messy glue. You can install it for a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows and as it is fitted without removing the glass, it is fitted with minimal effort. The film is clear to the eye so you do not notice that it is there until you need it. It does not look unsightly or block any natural light. It reflects 99% of harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays reducing the rate at which your furnishings fade by around 44%, making them last for longer. It has a clear scratch resistant coating which protects the film from everyday wear and tear making it last for years to come. You can install it with a few hand tools meaning no major outlay to fit the film in fact you probably have most of the tools in your garage. 

If you don’t want to fit the film your self then we can install it for you. Our own dedicated installers fit Safety Window Film throughout the UK and can even travel to Europe. 

Key Features 

Available Widths 50, 76, 91, 122 and 152cm 
Available lengths 1 to 30 metres on a continuous roll 
Protects Against Stones, Bricks, Balls, People Falling Against 
Installed Internally or Externally? Internal Application Only (External Version Available call 0845 363 2021) 
Installation Service Available? YES

Pre-Cutting Service Available? NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PRE-CUT

Technical Specifications

Thickness 100 micron / 4 mil 
Colour Optically Clear 
UK Testing Certificate BS6206 Class B 
European Testing Certificate BS En12600 Class 2 
Warranty (Int
rnale) 10 years (if installed by us) 
UV Rejection 95% 
Visible Light Transmission 93% 
K. Value 5.20 

Glass Compatibility Chart

Clear Single Pane OK 
Tinted Single Pane OK 
Clear Double Pane OK 
Tinted Double Pane OK 
Low-E Glass (Not Argon Filled) OK 
Argon Filled Low-E Glass No

We can install this film for you anywhere in the UK, call us today on Freephone 0800 107 7965 for a quote.


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100 Micron Clear Safety

100 Micron Clear Safety

Safety Window Film is a thicker than normal film that, when applied to glass, makes it shatterproof by holding shards of glass together if broken. In stock for delivery or professional fit.

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