Window Film Pre Cutting Service

We offer a window film cutting service for most of our films and is cut using specialist plotters and computer cut software. Our window film cutting service is available for any square, rectangle or circle at just £10 plus (if ordering over the phone):
£1/m up to 508mm width
£2/m up to 762mm width
£3/m up to 1016mm width
£4/m up to 1524mm width
We can cut any shape or text but additional costs will be incurred. Call us on 0845 363 2021 to discuss any requirements or email  
This window film cutting service can be purchased online easily:
  • Decide what film you require
  • Work out the best width and length of film you'll need (When we computer cut your film you will loose 3cm from the width to incorporate the rollers)
  • Select the correct width and length of film
  • Click on the orange "Window Film Cutting Service" button
  • Enter how many windows you need cutting (we class a window as one complete shape, either a rectangle, square or circle).
  • You will then be asked to provide the measurements of each pane of glass 
Important - When you order the film, you will loose 3 cm from the width of the film for the rollers.
If you have unusual shapes, a vinyl sign or car window tints please call us on 0845 363 2021 for a bespoke price.