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Pre Cut Car Window Tint for a Honda Insight (2009 to Current) Front Kit

Pre Cut Car Window Tint for a Honda Insight (2009 to Current) Front Kit

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This is a pre cut car window tint front kit for a Honda Insight (2009 to Current) Front Kit. The front window tint kit includes all the front side windows including any small quarter panels that may be present (it doesn't include any sunroofs or the front windscreen). A professional installer has designed the template by installing the film to this car to ensure the film will be pre cut to the exact size needed to install the window tint to your Honda Insight (2009 to Current). It will be oversized where needed to fit under gaskets and over dot matrix. There may be a small amount of trimming needed for certain vehicles.

LEGAL: The law states that you must allow 70% of light to pass through the front side windows, this means you are legally allowed to install a ultra light 70% tint to these windows PROVIDING THE GLASS IS UN-TINTED.  Any other shade of tint are strictly for show purposes only.

This kit includes (if present on the Honda Insight (2009 to Current):

  • Pre cut front driver and passenger side windows
  • Pre cut front quarter or wing panels (if present)
  • Printed set of installation instructions
  • 29 page online installation manual

Our kits are premium car window tints and come with 5 years warranty*. The car window film can be heat shrunk allowing for the best fit to your Honda Insight (2009 to Current) and the tint will come computer cut to the size and shape of your Honda Insight (2009 to Current). The pre cut car window tint has a true black colour and doesn't look purple like some of the budget tints, the window tint will also hold its colour which is why it comes with a huge 5 year warranty.

Our tints are also available in the following shades:

  • 5% Limo Dark Window Tint - allows 5% VLT (visible light transmittance), this is the type of tint often seen on limos and offers excellent privacy although vision may be impaired at night time.
  • 20% Midnight Dark Window Tint - allows 20% VLT (visible light transmittance), this is the most popular shade; it still offers good privacy but doesn't have quite as dark appearance as the limo window tint.  Vision at night time may still be impaired
  • 35% Classic Medium Window Tint - allows 35% VLT (visible light transmittance), this is a medium tint; it still provides a nice tint to the glass but doesn't impair vision as much at night (although vision may be impaired under poor lighting conditions).  The tint allows vision into the vehicle but will offer slight privacy.
  • 50% Executive Light Window Tint - allows 50% VLT (visible light transmittance), this gives a light tint to the glass and allows good vision out, this tint will even allow vision out at night time although vision may be impaired under very poor lighting conditions).
  • 70% Ultra Light Window Tint - allows 70% VLT (visible light transmittance), this is a very light tint and is legal in the UK for the front driver and passenger side windows (providing the glass isn't already tinted).

Our pre cut window tint kits not only look great but they are also:

  • Installer friendly - due to the make up of the film they can be heat shrunk and installed much easier than poor quality films.
  • Driver comfort - the films reduce solar heat and glare making driving much more comfortable
  • Enhanced privacy - the darker films can help to reduce vision into the vehicle
  • Car protection - the film will help to reduce fading of the interior
  • Skin protection - all the tint reduce 99% of harmful UV rays (UV-A and UV-B)<
  • Accident protection - the film will help to hold harmful shards of glass in place under impact
  • Security - the film help to protect occupants from smash and grabs

Car Window Tinting Law

These laws are only for UK customers, if you are from outside the UK you should check your state or countries window tinting law before fitting the film.

There are specific laws as to what shade of window tint you are allowed to install to your vehicle, have a look at our Window Tint Law section before purchasing any tint to make sure that you stay within the law.


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